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Warman Collective Garden is an award winning non-profit organization that provides education and opportunity for all community members to develop skills in urban farming and food sustainability, while creating lasting community partnerships. Our goals are to engage people, both young and old, in learning how to grow, cook and preserve local food, and to foster environmental sustainability by creating food-growing spaces.  We run a popular kids summer program called The Kids In The Garden, we coordinate educational visits to the elementary schools, we host workshops and field trips in the garden, and we are constantly striving to develop new programs and events to connect with members of our community.



Get Involved

Welcome, we’re happy to see you! Way back in 2016, a couple of ambitious women decided it was time for someone to utilize the neglected greenhouse-turned-storage-space at the local high school. That first summer was spent mostly cleaning up, but they did manage to get some soil tilled and a garden planted, and most importantly, they hatched an idea for the first Kids In The Garden summer program. Over the next few years, they roped in some like minded and hard working volunteers, and Warman Collective Garden was born.  It soon became a viable and exciting organization with a multitude of facets, including classroom visits, community workshops, summer programs, and a variety of community partnerships. We’re still powered by those hard working volunteers and our dreams just keep getting bigger!


We've Got A Few Things Growing

Kids In The Garden Summer Program

This unique summer program is geared towards kids aged 6-10, and focuses on gardening, cooking, food preserving and marketing skills using fun and interactive activities. Our goal is for the kids to build confidence, knowledge and skills both in the garden and in the kitchen. We use community resources and partner with local businesses to expand learning opportunities. We’re creating a generation of compassionate and respectful humans, who understand about nature and ecosystems because of gardens and food preservation. 

Classroom Visits and Educational Packs

Warman Collective Garden has been doing elementary school visits since 2016, and this year because of the challenges that Covid-19 has created, we’ve also developed a fully stocked Educational Pack that teachers can use to implement our lesson plans in our absence.  By working with local educators, we’re adding depth to their curriculums and creating variety in the kids school days.  We’ve currently developed lesson plans for Grades 2 and 3, focusing on plant biology and community.

Community Programs and Educational Workshops

We’re passionate about community programs!  We periodically hold workshops on cooking, preserving, planting, composting and more!  Join our email list below and be the first to know when we launch a new workshop.


We’ve also started a YouTube channel where we’ll be sharing gardening, cooking and crafting content.  Make sure to give us a follow!

Community Partnerships

We believe that strong partnerships are how we will all thrive.  To date, we’ve collaborated and/or partnered with: The City of Warman, Warman Elementary School, Warman High School, The Legends Centre, Diamond House Special Care Home, CHEP Good Food, Finelite Photography & Design, Route 11, Ag in the Classroom, Yardape Landscaping, and a multitude of other talented and generous individuals in our community.


Wondering How You Can Get Involved?

We’re always looking for volunteers and talented contributors to our various programs.  You don’t need to know how to garden, and you certainly don’t have to lead with a list of qualifications.  A generous spirit and a quick laugh, and you’ll fit right in.

Did we mention we're award winners??

In 2020, Warman Collective Garden was thrilled to receive the Non-Profit of the Year award from the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce!!

The Non-Profit of the Year award celebrates the valuable contributions non-profit organizations make to the Warman, Martensville and surrounding area. It recognizes organizations that serve and promote the community through time involvement, energy and volunteer hours spent. This award is given to an organization whose example demonstrates excellence in the enthusiastic support and promotion of the community.

What people are saying about Warman Collective Garden:

The students love the hands on activities that Warman Collective Garden provides us with. Learning about plants and soil is a large part of our science curriculum, and Warman Collective Garden helps students achieve their outcomes with the experiences provided.

– Classroom Visit Teacher



I was thrilled to have my son in a program that was educational and providing him with fantastic life skills that I am sure he will bring into his future!!

–  Kids In The Garden parent



My class had a fantastic day of hands on learning. The student’s parents were very impressed with the learning opportunity that The Warman Collective Garden provided. Students were engaged and excited to learn about plants.

– Field Trip Teacher



Thanks to our partners!

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