Classroom Visits

Warman Collective Garden takes a fun active role in promoting gardening knowledge in the elementary schools. Each year, our volunteers work with Grade 2 and 3 teachers to successfully grow flowers and vegetables in the classroom.
Grade 2 students learn to take part in their community by planting one seed for themselves and 1 or more to donate to the community.  WCG volunteers help the process by providing in-person instruction, grow lights and seed starting supplies.  Once the seedlings are ready, WCG volunteers take the extras to the high school greenhouse to be either planted or sold by the high school students.
Similarly, grade 3 students are taught beginning plant science by growing and studying flowers. Like the grade 2  classes, the grade 3s plant extra seeds destined for the high school to either be planted outside or sold.
WCG volunteers take part in the process by in-class instruction, providing grow lights and moving the extra seedlings to the high school.
In June, elementary classes are invited back to the high school garden for a half -day field trip.  Here, they get to see their plants in the garden and learn other aspects of growing and maintaining a garden space.
Elementary programming is a fun interactive way to get students excited about growing gardens and helping their communities.

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